Wood Fired Hot Tubs

BigFire offer a fantastic range of wood fired hot tubs, including the Original Dutchtub wood-fired outdoor hot tub, the Dutchtub Wood and Loveseat tubs and accessories, alongside a large selection of Kirami Hot Tubs and Osel Hot Tubs.

Why Choose a Wood Fired Hot Tub?

So you’re thinking of taking the plunge into a wood fired hot tub – then get ready for the ultimate in outdoor bathing.

With a wood fired hot tub, you get a more authentic experience, the crackling of the wood fire heating your hot tub, no need for chemicals, and the greater possibilities of where you can install your hot tub – as long as you can get water to it, you have your perfect bathing location – the Dutchtub original is even portable!

Take a look at our wood fired hot tubs and explore the essence of outdoor bathing.

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